To Po-Lin Yang,

creation is a kind of hope and love, making him understand how to be thankful for his childhood and how to take up inspiration from his childhood. Because of this, he has become a kind and creative individual, instead of someone who has been devoured by his poor, brutal past. His story has proven that hope is not unreachable; it exists within us.


A Poet and a Sculptor


His childhood has brought him an abundance of creativity. It has also been the driving force that pushes him to actively seek for self-positioning. “In Po-Lin Yang’s 2010 solo exhibition in Taipei Contemporary Museum ‘Here I Am’, there are three pieces of work - Who Are You, Here I Am, Longitude 121 East and Latitude 25 North International Visibility - that made me feel those are really him. His works have been continuously portraying who he is and who he can become.” Yu-Ling Lee’s observations are particularly delicate. “Po-Lin Yang’s work is always something “Beyond”. His childhood memories are filled with a sense of direction. Similarly, his works take place behind the mountains, in the sky, even in the “international” realm. I think he wants to be positioned and seen. It is a kind of perseverance and pursuit of great men who have arisen from humble beginnings.


( - Excerpt from WE PEOPLE magazine Issue No. 101, written by Yu-Ling Lee)

















I believe I have another one of myself. He’s been looking in the opposite direction. The real me is the salvation of my shadow, and the other side of my shadow is a world that is more vast.